Digital Graffiti Wall

Digital Graffiti Wall

The Experience

  • Creates a unique user experience live at your event.
  • Guests use digital spray cans to
  • interact with your product or brand
  • They then share their completed artwork to Facebook, Twitter or Email!
  • Several people can use the wall at one time,
  • Perfect group experience tool.
  • ​Images can be printed on to paper, mugs or T-shirts.

How It Works

Photo Graffiti Wall brings unrivaled interactive fun and instantaneous mementos to any event – corporate parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, you name it! They’re also ideal for experiential marketing and unique product branding at convention and trade shows.

Image Output


The Digital Graffiti Wall instantly prints user’s creations as a unique keepsake from the event.


The user can also choose to save the creation as:

  • A static image.
  • An animated GIF file with animated stamps.
  • A Time Lapse video of the creation process.


There are numerous opportunities to promote your logo, brand and URL using the digital graffiti wall.

  • On screen
  • The base of the wall
  • Podium
  • ​Photo Borders
  • Social Media
  • ​T-Shirts, Mugs, Keyrings etc

Photo Mosaic Wall

The Digital Graffiti Wall supports a number of creative ways to integrate photography into the experience:

  • Automatic photo uploads from a DSLR Camera
  • Manual photo uploads from the photos folder
  • Live-View mode to capture photos via a webcam, just like a regular photo booth

The Photo Graffiti Wall is an exciting state-of-the- art system that takes the digital photo booth to the next level. Snap a pic, project it onto a digital “wall” – a projection or touch screen – and enhance it with virtual graffiti using a laptop, projector, and infrared spray cans.

Grafitti Wall videos

Digital Graffiti Wall Corporate Event

People interact with your brand and with each other

Digital Graffiti Wall with Artist

Guests take part in the creation process.